DELUXE -No Aziziyyah


DELUXE -No Aziziyyah Package Details - 15/16 days

  • Departure – Aug 13/14 - Arrival Aug 27/28

  • Madinah – 4 Days C/I 4 ZH C/O 7thZH Dallah Tayyaba or Similar

  • Makkah - 7 day in Hotel in Makkah Hilton Suite or Swissottel Hotel room is available 24 hours during the Manasik.

  • North American Tents – A/C tents with sofa beds pillows and sheets. 3 Box meals will be served and 24 hours Tea and drinks available.

  • VIP Tents 8 minutes from Jamarat are available with an extra fee

  • 14th C/o Take a flight or go to Jeddah Hotel for one day.

Package Not Included

  • Local Flight

  • Hajj Ministry fee of $325

  • Qurbani $165. Our animals are little expensive than other group because we personally buy our animals and specially packed and distribute to local people. ( You have a choice not to purchase )
Triple Room - $8350 | Double Room - $9550


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