2020 Hajj Madina 40 Prayer Package With Aziziyah – Madinah First

$8,390 $7,890

2020 Hajj Madina 40 Prayer Package With Aziziyah - Madinah First Details


July 15 - Aug 5/6


  • Madina Hotel
    Province Al Shams
    24 DQ-4 ZH

  • Makkah Subarb Building like Hotel
    4-14 ZH


  • Meals Hotel
    Breakfast and Dinner

  • Meals in Mina Tents
    Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

  • Meals in Arafat
    Lunch only

  • Muzdalifa
    No Meals

  • Arafat Special Madina Ziarat


  • 3 in a room add $450

  • 2 in a room add $900


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July 15Departure from US to Madinah
July 16/17Check in to Hotel
July 17Personal time
July 18Personal time
July 19Personal time
July 20Personal time
July 21Personal time
July 22Personal Time
July 23Madinah Ziarat
July 24Personal Time
July 25Perform Umrah leave Madinah 2.PM
July 25Complete Umrah and checkin to the Building
July 26Personal Time
July 27Personal Time
July 28Personal Time
July 29After breakfast ready to move in to Mina Tents
July 30After Breakfast move in to Arafat Tents. Here we do Zohar and Asar prayer, After Maghrib salat move to Muzdallifa. Here we join Maghrib and Isha salat.
July 31After Fajar salat we walk to our tents and go to pelt Shaytan then move to our building. We wait for our Qurbani once done, we will go to Tawafe Ziarah. Once we finish now we go back to our tents.
Aug 1Pelt Shaytan after Zohar and engage in Ibadah
Aug 2Pelt Shaytan after Zohar and move to our building
Aug 3Personal Time
Aug 4Personal Time
Aug 5/6Ready to perform Tawafe Wida and go to the Airport for US
NOTE:- Dates and schedule are tentative.

NOTE:- Dates and schedule are tentative.